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  • Plastic Drawing Masterbatch

Plastic Drawing Masterbatch


Description and Application

Our drawing masterbatch select high quality pigments and additives . The different carriers can be replaced according to the plastic raw materials used in the production of the customer's products. And it can well maintain chemical stability with high concentration, pigment homodisperse, less plastic degradation, easy operation and coloration. No pollution,it can improve the working environment of production personnel and ensure the health of operators. Widely used in Artificial grass, woven bag, fishing net, dust net, tarpaulin, etc.

Parameter Index

No.ItemParameter index
1Outer appearanceColumn Grain
3Weather fastnessLevel 6-8
5Dispersion performanceLevel 5
6MigrationLevel 5
7Melt index12-26 g/10min
8Adding ratio2-4%

Use Method: According to the addition ratio, evenly mixed resin for immediate use.



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