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Dezhou Ruicai Plastic Technology Co., Ltd (RPT) is a professional plastic masterbatches manufacturer, and we are a big family too. We strictly fulfill our commitment to our customers, pay attention to the production quality of masterbatch products, and develop new masterbatch products to meet the new demands of the market. At the same time, we also pay attention to the lives of our employees and do our best to take care of our employees and their families.

The welfare which we supply include: Going-on skills training, annual Physical Examination, annual company travel.

And if one family of RPT’s has a baby, then we will pay another extra money to this family until the two parents get jobs both, or until the baby is 2.5 years old. We have build the bounds system, which covers all members. Every year, a part of our RPT’s benefit will be take out and share to our employees. We also build a emergency found, while there is some urgent events happened in our employee’s family, this found will be awaked up and used to help them. In RPT, we work together, we live together, and we are also creating colorful life to our customer and society.

ADD Lasting Colors To Your Products! And Add Enjoyment To Everyone’s Life.


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