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Color Masterbatch

Analytics and Innovation

Research and development is of great importance in the plastics masterbatches processing industry, and therefore to us as well. We paid attention on this since the beginning.

We have access to comprehensive chemical and physical methods of analysis (microscopy, spectroscopy, weathering tests, glowing wire test, etc.) as well as extensive testing techniques (mechanical impact, impact strength, bending and tensile testing, etc.).

Rich experienced engineer team and well-equipped lab allow to quickly develop formulations and samples, which can then be transferred to the real production facility.

We develop new products every year. In order to meet the new different requires by our existing and potential customers.

Special Function Masterbatch

Technical Services

We give all customers free technical supporting during their producing process. If the customers feel necessary, our engineer can fly to the workshop and help them on-site.

We supply masterbatch formula solution making service. USD15 per formula. We promise every color masterbatch formula is unique, belongs to you only. The color and function are completely meet the customers’ requirements.

For existing and potential customers, we give free formula solution service. And free samples too. Sample freight on buyer.

White Masterbatch

Free Floor Stocking

We built special warehouse for export businesses. They are clean, dry enough and well-equipped with firefighting devices. Ensure the storage of all goods is safe. We supply 6 months free stocking service to our existing customers.


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