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What is Plastic Masterbatch?

Sep. 08, 2018

The plastic masterbatch granule is a new kind of plastic molding processing assistance developed from the 1980s. It's produced with the addition of plastic additives that transcend the traditional inclusion level (more than 50 percent ) to the carrier resin, therefore when casting plastic solutions. Using plastic masterbatch can simplify the manufacturing process, decrease dust flying and wear equipment, save raw materials, create raw materials simple to combine , and combine quality equally, thereby improving manufacturing efficiency and product performance indexes. Thus, plastic masterbatch has played a considerable part in boosting the fast development of the plastics sector. National and overseas scholars have done a great deal of research work on plastic masterbatch processing technologies.

But, the conventional processing system of plastic masterbatch would be to embrace physical techniques like mechanical mixing and twin-screw extrusion. On the other hand, the masterbatch ready with these approaches has disadvantages like the irregular dispersion of this auxiliary agent at the provider resin, poor interfacial adhesion between the auxiliary agent and the carrier resin, and complex manufacturing measures.

Our firm utilizes an assortment of new technologies procedures: such as Blow Masterbatch, Cast film masterbatch, injection masterbatch, sheet masterbatch, Non-woven masterbatch, Drawing masterbatch, plate masterbatch, chemical fiber masterbatch, PVC masterbatch,etc..

Product advantages: 

1. High concentration of pigment: 

2. Excellent dispersion, good heat-resistant, high color fastness, stable performance and shows the bright color 

3. Non-toxic, environmental-friendly 

4. Compatible with various material LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,PP etc. 

5. Applicable products: Various film, bags, packing material, bottles, and containers etc..

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