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What Is The Role Of Light Fastness And Anti-aging Color Masterbatch?

May. 06, 2019

Here is Color Master Batch Manufacturer talking about What is the role of light fastness and anti-aging color masterbatch.

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The production of environmentally friendly particles is increasing in our current era. It does not necessarily mean that the Color Master Batch of production has an impact on the environment, or what kind of it, this statement, or the idea is wrong, you must know Now that technology is so developed, many products processed by mechanical equipment have certain help to the environment. There are certain benefits, not bad things. The speed of development in our industry is getting faster and faster. We can Take advantage of the current development, with a light-resistant weathering anti-aging color masterbatch to a better development direction.

Color Master Batch Manufacturer

Widely used in the electrical industry, tool supplies, home appliances, equipment parts, screwdrivers, comfortable handles, shockproof parts, industrial casters, power tools, comfortable handles, seals of various household appliances, etc., functional masterbatch It is a masterbatch that has the function of ordinary masterbatch and gives other functions to plastic products. These features include weather resistance, antistatic, flame retardant, foaming, and more. The production process of the functional color masterbatch is a product produced by the surface treatment of the coloring agent and surfactant of the universal color masterbatch, followed by kneading, masticating, pulverizing and granulating with functional additives and dispersing aids. Functional color masterbatch is one of the trends in the development of masterbatch technology.

1. Maintain chemical stability of pigments and other additives.

2. The color reproducibility is good and the pigment is evenly dispersed.

3. Reduce the thermal degradation of plastics.

4. Easy to operate, clean the environment.


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