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What Kind Of Material Is Antistatic Masterbatch?

Mar. 15, 2019

Here is Plastic Masterbatch Factory talking about What Kind Of Material Is Antistatic Masterbatch. 

The color of plastic is based on the color of these plastics. For example, PVC, ABS, and other plastics have a yellowish background. In order to eliminate yellow light, it is occasionally necessary to add blue colorants such as ultramarine to eliminate the influence of yellow light, especially in the preparation of white or light. When it is color, it is more important. Plastics with light resistance and light resistance are not perfect. In the process of considering the formulation, it is necessary to consider the plastic color difference and discoloration factors. 

Pp Antistatic Masterbatch

The Pp Antistatic Masterbatch has a delicate texture and a high-gloss appearance, which improves the appearance and grade of the product. At the same time, R&D and production are simple and easy to operate, and it is environmentally friendly and can cover the surface of the varnish.

 The measurement range generally includes a visible light region having a wavelength range of 380 to 780 nm and an ultraviolet light region having a wavelength ranging from 200 to 380 nm. Test the SCE/SCI mode, it is also possible to test the film's shading rate, fog, etc.) 

Test mode SCE mode: In the measurement mode, the specularly reflected light is excluded from the outside and only the diffused light is measured. The antistatic masterbatch is not easy to show the phenomenon of color ash, darkness and flow marks in the research and development of different products, which improves some defects of the specific products on the market. The color of plastic swatch plastic itself has a lot of plastics with different colors, such as the phenolic resin itself is brown. The color of the plastic itself cannot be ignored in considering the steps of the formulation research invention. Usually, only colorless plastic can be used to prepare a variety of colors. The transparency of the plastic can only be transparent, translucent or opaque. plastic.

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