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What Is The Best Way To Distinguish Black Masterbatch?

Apr. 12, 2019

Here is Pp Antistatic Masterbatch Manufacturer talking about What Is The Best Way To Distinguish Black Masterbatch.

Black Masterbatch

With the advancement of the plastics industry, our product industry will continue to improve. We all know that a Black Masterbatch is something. It is a plastic material with black color. Then you know the black mother and know the highlight. Mirror black mother, then what is the best way to distinguish a Black Masterbatch?

The Black Masterbatch is suitable for the new material to comply with most of the hot soft resin blowing agricultural film, apple film, drip bag, drawing, water supply pipe, injection molding, blow molding, blown film, pipe, sheet, etc., also used ink paste The consumption method, and then explained in detail, is that the demand is three-roll grinding.

The best way to resolve the Black Masterbatch is rheology and mobility. In order to save the cost, some masterbatch consumer materials, waste materials or recycled materials are used as resin carriers. The activity of the masterbatch thus consumed will be significantly reduced. If the theology is not good, the mold union will encounter troubles in cycle time and appearance disposal. It is worth noting that if the dispersion and rheology are not high, some end users will be compensated by the progressive dilution ratio, but this will only increase the application cost of the masterbatch. The masterbatch with the smallest dilution ratio is capable of producing an average, dispersive black.


The method of the Black Masterbatch should pay attention to see that the large particle carbon black has lower coloration and different background color than the small particle carbon black. Large-grain masterbatches are suitable for use in, for example, dregs bag film consumption, but are not suitable for consumption of aesthetically pleasing products, such as television signage or central areas such as agricultural films or external pipes that require UV protection. For these products, only the use of high-priced small particle carbon black. In addition, low transparency is also a characteristic of small particle carbon black.

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