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Six Points Determine The Quality Of Black Masterbatch

Feb. 26, 2019

The quality of the Black Masterbatch is determined by the following factors:

First, the dispersion is high

The black masterbatch is made with carbon black. The difficult-to-dispersive properties of carbon black are plaguing Color Master Batch makers. High-load black masterbatches made using double or single screw extruders have quite bad dispersion. After the end user blends or molds those black masterbatch, its functionality is just marginally better than carbon black, but the result is just as unsatisfactory. To be able to accomplish a stable high amount of dispersion, a high degree of shearing kneader has to be utilized to combine carbon black, including a mix of FCM or even BANBURY. With adequate power, these mixers permit the carbon black and foundation resin to be completely blended together.

Black Masterbatch

Second, the coverage is strong

The second factor that determines the quality of the black masterbatch is the coverage. This factor is especially important for masterbatches used in scrap or recycled polymers. In these cases, the role of black is to cover the rest of the scrap color. The large-particle carbon black has a poor coloring ability and is not easy to cover all other colors in the lower layer, and as a result, the final product only obtains a deviation from the color. In the melting process, the ability to correctly select carbon black with high coloring ability to cover existing colors is the so-called covering power.

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