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Black Masterbatch

Nov. 14, 2018

Black Masterbatch has many uses, such like:

1. People use the excellent hiding power of carbon black pigments. In the process of plastic recycling, black mothers are added to cover other colors to achieve waste utilization and resource conservation.

2. People use the high-light-blocking properties of carbon black for the production of milk film, which hinders sunlight, achieves the function of pseudo-photolysis, and protects milk so that it can be stored for a longer period of time.

3. The application of black mother in the plastic industry and its wide range is closely related to our life. And with the development of China's plastics industry in recent years, the masterbatch industry has also achieved gratifying development results, and people have gradually realized that it is like a subsidiary material in the feast of plastic processing. Xiaoshi, although it is used in a small amount, it is also a one-shot body.

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Black Masterbatch


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