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How To Save The Cost Of Antistatic Masterbatch?

Mar. 23, 2019

Here is Polypropylene Masterbatch Manufacturer talking about How to save the cost of the antistatic masterbatch. 

For the development of technology, technology is getting better and better. What kind of work do we need to achieve? 

For example, how can antistatic masterbatch products show advantages and performance?

 Pp Antistatic Masterbatch

The addition of Pp Antistatic Masterbatch can ensure the gloss and aesthetics of the plastic bottle to make the user have a good effect in use. The masterbatch can be added not only to the plastic bottle but also to other substances, increasing the performance and value of the raw material. This new masterbatch gives the plastic bottle an aluminum-gloss appearance, and the gloss and texture of the material is very similar to metal, but at a lower cost. The new Pharmaceutical Bottles Masterbatch has a good performance in the production of plastic bottles, achieving a good gloss of plastic bottles, and has certain advantages in appearance, ensuring a good effect in use.

A new type of masterbatch has the use performance and function of the number, which can show good use value in the production of plastic bottles. Since the color masterbatch uses Formula X PET technology, the product can be fed directly into the extruder without pre-drying. The new masterbatch provides metallic colours including deep purple, blue-green, scallions, lemon, lead yellow and lake blue. If processed with a polishing die, or added to a glossy resin such as PET or HDPE, the effect of the masterbatch will be more pronounced. In addition, the masterbatch can also be added to materials such as PP, PS, PC, ABS, and nylon.


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