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What Is Flame Retardant Masterbatch?

Jan. 28, 2019

Here is Plastic Masterbatch Factory talking about Masterbatch. 

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Introduction to flame retardant masterbatch :

On the grounds of a number of fire retardant elements of the organic mix, modification synergistic and treatment impact, and via a twin-screw or three-screw extruder via blending, extrusion, granulation of a granular product. Different from the fire retardant, the fire retardant masterbatch has the benefits of simple inclusion in the resin, tidy and sterile, higher fire retardant efficacy, small inclusion level, small impact on the mechanical components of the resin, also it isn't simple to cause delamination, patterning, precipitation and the like following the inclusion. , saving labor, material time and cost, and several other benefits. Generally, the dispersibility, fluidity, compatibility with all the resin, thermal stability and weather resistance from this fire retardant masterbatch are far better than standard flame retardants, as well as the fire retardant masterbatch of this formulation is fire retardant. Performance and efficacy (price/performance ratio) will also be far superior to normal fire retardants. Hence, the present flame retardant masterbatch has turned into among the greatest choices for attaining fireproof requirements for fire retardant vinyl goods and has come to be a great substitute for fire retardant powder.

Flame retardant masterbatch characteristics´╝Ü

1. Easy to use: The flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) is mainly flaky or strip-shaped granules, which can be just the same size as ordinary plastic granules, which improves the mutual compatibility between these, making it easier to disperse and include and be hygienic. And lower the waste of evaporation. 

2. Fantastic compatibility with resin: Under normal conditions, the fire retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) has been specially treated to improve its compatibility with the plastic resin, so that its addition level from the resin isn't large even when it is added. It's easy to create issues like delamination, blooming, and patterning.

3. Reduce costs and increase the added value of products: often the accession of a flame-retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) makes the general plastics have or near the program needs of engineering plastics, which increases the added value of products and decreases the cost of raw materials.

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Pe Flame Retardant Masterbatch


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