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How to Choose High Quality Black Masterbatch?

Nov. 10, 2018

1. High Dispersion 

Black Masterbatch is produced using carbon black.

In order to achieve a stable high dispersion, a high level of shear mixer must be used to mix the carbon black to completely mix the carbon black and the base resin. The smaller the carbon black particles, the more difficult the dispersion is.

2. Strong Coverage 

The second factor that determines the quality of the black masterbatch is the coverage.

In the melting process, the ability to correctly select the carbon black with high coloring ability to cover the existing color is the covering power.

3. Better Liquidity

If the masterbatch itself has good dispersibility, but it cannot flow into the material to be molded, the production effect is not satisfactory.

4. Greater Compatibility

Compatibility is the fourth factor in determining the quality of black masterbatches.

If the masterbatch is produced using chips or recycled materials, it may contain contaminants or other non-meltable polymers.

5. Consistent Stability

One of the main manifestations of stability is the smooth carbon black ratio.

If the percentage of carbon black is fluctuating, the amount of masterbatch to be melted is not the same, and it is impossible to produce a product of the same hue. The fluidity and dispersion of the injected melt should be consistent with the amount of charge per batch.

6. Clear Rightness 

The final factor in determining the quality of the black masterbatch is the shade of the color.

Large particle carbon black has a lower degree of coloration and a different background color than small particle carbon black.

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Black Masterbatch


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