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How Are Fluorescent Whitening Agents Classified?

Feb. 12, 2019

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Fluorescent whitening agents are mainly divided into plastic fluorescent whitening agents, ink fluorescent whitening agents, coating fluorescent whitening agents, and washing fluorescent whitening agents.

Fluorescent brightener use:

Fluorescent whitening agent popularly called the white dye, which is a natural compound that's colorless and may fluoresce under ultraviolet lighting. It may enhance the whiteness and glow of this substance. The whitening effect would be to utilize the optical complementary shade principle to generate the yellowing substance not just reflect visible light but absorb ultraviolet lighting besides visible light and change it into visible light with violet-blue or cyan. Blue and orange match each other, offsetting the yellowish color of the substance, which makes it appear white.

Fluorescent whitening agents can be divided into five categories according to their chemical structure:

1. stilbene Kind, used in cotton fiber along with a Few synthetic fibers, paper making, soap Manufacturing, and other Sectors, Together with blue fluorescence;

2. Coumarin-type, together with the fundamental arrangement of coumarone, utilized in cellophane, polyvinyl chloride plastic, etc., together with strong blue fluorescence;

3. pyrazoline type, used for wool, polyamide, acrylic fiber, etc., with green fluorescence;

4. benzooxazole form, used for oil fiber and other compounds like polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, with red fluorescence; 

5. phthalimide form, used for polyester, acrylic, nylon, and other fibers, together with blue fluorescence.

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