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Introduction Of Masterbatch Carrier

Nov. 16, 2018

The first generation masterbatch carrier resin random polypropylene (APP), which is a by-product obtained by synthesizing isotactic polypropylene, the masterbatch prepared by random polypropylene is easily agglomerated and moisture-absorbing. With the improvement of the synthetic isotactic polypropylene process, the source of atactic polypropylene is almost exhausted, and many research institutes and factories have turned to other resins as carriers.

The most representative second-generation masterbatch carrier resin is LDPE 1F7B film grade polyethylene, but this grade has been discontinued.

At present, masterbatch factories generally select LDPE and LLDPE with higher melt index as carrier resins. Compared to the polyene masterbatch, the masterbatches of other resins do not currently have a special carrier resin.

For the so-called universal masterbatch, a mixture of EVA and K resin is used as the carrier resin. As can be seen from the selection of the carrier, the so-called general purpose is that the carrier resin has a certain compatibility with the non-stage aggregate and the polar polymer. Therefore, it can be applied to the coloration of various resins.

The novel synthetic resin has the advantages of narrow molecular weight distribution, high melt viscosity, high filling, and is very suitable for the preparation of high concentration masterbatch.

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