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Six Benefits Of Using Masterbatch Materials

Jan. 03, 2019

Plastic Masterbatch Granule is a new coloring agent for polymer materials. It has excellent coloring properties, saves energy, is dust-free, and can be non-polluting. It's popular for coloring plastics, building profiles and agricultural pipes.

Masterbatch pigments are farther split into organic pigments and inorganic pigments.

Commonly used organic pigments include: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, quick red, macromolecular crimson, macromolecular yellowish, permanent yellow, long-lasting purple, azo red and so on.

Commonly used inorganic pigments include cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium white powder, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow and the like.

The masterbatch tech procedure is very strict, and the widely used masterbatch technologies is a wet procedure. The masterbatch is created by aqueous phase grinding, phase inversion, water washing, drying, and granulation. Just the grade of the product can be ensured. Additionally, the pigment ought to be exposed to a series of masterbatch technology tests, like determining the fineness of their sanding slurry, measuring the diffusion operation of the sanding slurry, determining the good content of their sanding slurry, also measuring the fineness of the colorant project.

Six advantages of using color masterbatch:

1. It is beneficial to maintain the chemical stability and color stability of the pigment;

2. Make the pigment have better dispersibility in plastics;

3. Protect the health of the operators;

4. The process is simple, easy to change color;

5. The environment is clean, non-staining utensils;

6. Save time and raw materials.

Considering that the pigment directly contacts the atmosphere during storage and usage, moisture absorption, oxidation, agglomeration, etc. can occur, and the direct use may cause color spots on the surface of the plastic solution, the color is dark, the color is easily faded, and it's caused by blending. Dust is flying, impacting the health of the operators. The masterbatch is mechanically processed from the manufacturing process to enhance the pigment, as well as the pigment and the resin carrier along with the spreading agent are fully mixed to different the pigment in the air and moisture, thus enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment and enhancing the pigment. The dispersibility and tinting strength of the pigment, the hue is bright.

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