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Masterbatch Migration And Chemical Structure, Application Concentration

Jun. 27, 2019

Here is Color Master Batch Manufacturer talking about Masterbatch migration and chemical structure, application concentration.

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1. Mobility and molecular weight size Mobility is related to the chemical structure of the colorant. If the molecular weight of the pigment is increased, the mobility can be improved. If the molecular weight of the condensed azo macromolecular pigment is doubled than that of the lake monoazo pigment, the mobility is significantly improved.

Color Master Batch Manufacturer

2. Mobility and molecular polarity The hydrophilic structure is avoided in the molecular structure of the pigment, and the insoluble carbonyl group should be introduced to improve the mobility. For example, Pigment Red 187 is significantly more resistant to migration than Pigment Red 170. The pigment red 48:4 sulfonic acid group and the metal become insoluble polar salt after the lake is formed, and the mobility is remarkably improved.

3. Mobility and application concentration When the polyolefin plastic is colored, the degree of bleeding and blooming is proportional to the concentration of the colorant. This is because the pigment has a high concentration of the colorant during heating and will partially dissolve the solvent in the plastic. The supersaturated state is formed during the cooling process so that it is easy to crystallize on the surface of the plastic and easily diffuse into other mediums in contact with it.


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