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Why use Color Masterbatch instead of Toner?

Oct. 29, 2018

1. In many cases, the choice of pigments used by plastics manufacturers in color matching is not the most economical, and because of the lack of familiarity with pigments, it is very common to repeatedly test the color and cause waste of manpower and materials. This problem does not exist with the Color Masterbatch.

2. The products colored with the masterbatch and the products colored with the toner are completely different in grade, and the selling price is also higher. The higher the selling price is often higher than the cost increased by using the color masterbatch, so the Color Masterbatch can create "profit" instead. From this perspective, in some cases, using color masterbatch coloring is more economical than using toner coloring.

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Why use Color Masterbatch instead of Toner?cid=96


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