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The Masterbatch Production Technology

Oct. 13, 2018

The plastic modified functional masterbatch production technology uses synthetic resin as the carrier, and applies various additives, such as toughening agent, conductive, coloring, flame retardant, magnetic powder, reinforcing agent and other auxiliary additives for compound modification to prepare a functional masterbatch. It is a special material used in the application of plastic materials. It can be produced by using rubber and plastic processing equipment, and it is convenient to produce functional masterbatch. Therefore, it has a particularly important application prospect. The characteristics of the plastic modified functional masterbatch depend on the type and amount of the parent plastic and the auxiliary component, the composite processing method, and the structure of the functional masterbatch after the compounding. The functional masterbatch is generally conveniently mixed with the plastic to be used. Processing, thereby improving, improving, imparting high strength or various special properties and functions of plastic raw materials, such as reinforcement, cost reduction, electrical conductivity, flame retardancy, toughening, easy processing, etc., have wide application value.


Granular masterbatch can be used directly. The masterbatch is used in the plastic modification to achieve a special purpose. For example: toughening masterbatch, can improve the low temperature impact strength of plastic; reduce the viscosity of masterbatch, can reduce the melting point of plastic, improve processing fluidity; enhance the masterbatch, can improve plastics and improve mechanical properties; with antistatic, conductive, coloring The masterbatch of the functions of flame retardant and degradation can obtain the corresponding characteristics of the plastic raw materials.


All raw materials are sourced from China. The equipment is a high-speed mixer, extruder, granulator, refining machine, etc., part of the test equipment.

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The Masterbatch Production Technology


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