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What Are The Production Processes Of Masterbatch?

Dec. 22, 2018

The masterbatch production process is very strict, and currently the wet process is generally used.

The masterbatch is made by aqueous phase grinding, phase inversion, water washing, drying and granulation. Only the quality of the product can be guaranteed.

Our Color Master Batch, PVC Masterbatch and PP Antistatic Masterbatch are the high quality produced by various processes.

There are four ways to process the masterbatch production:

(1) Ink method: It is a production method using ink color paste in the production of masterbatch, that is, a three-roll mill is used to coat a surface of a pigment with a low molecular protective layer. The ground fine color paste is then mixed with a carrier resin, then plasticized by a two-roll plasticizer, and finally granulated by a single screw or twin screw extruder.

(2) Flushing method: the pigment, water and dispersing agent are sanded to make the pigment particles smaller than 1 μm, and the pigment is transferred to the oil phase by a phase transfer method, and then dried to obtain a masterbatch.

(3) Pinching method: After blending the pigment and the oily carrier, the pigment is oleophilic, and the pigment is washed from the aqueous phase into the oil phase by kneading.

(4) Metal soap method: after the pigment is ground, the particle size reaches about 1 μm, and the soap liquid is added at a certain temperature, so that the surface layer of each pigment particle is uniformly wetted by the soap liquid to form a saponification liquid, when the metal After the salt solution is added, it chemically reacts with the saponified layer on the surface of the pigment to form a protective layer of metal soap, so that the ground pigment particles do not cause flocculation and protect a certain fineness.

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