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Overview Of Global Plastics Additives Industry

Dec. 01, 2018

At present, the world's enterprises engaged in the production of plastic additives are distributed in Asia, Europe, the United States and other continents. Due to the strong financial strength, wide technology and long-term involvement in related industries, international large-scale manufacturers have a long industrial chain and a high production ratio of high-end plastic additives.

In recent years, China has played an important role in the rapid growth of plastic additives, 

becoming the world's largest and fastest growing market, far ahead of other countries.

In the past few years, the world's demand for plastic additives has continued to grow at an average annual rate of about 3-4%. 

The annual growth rate of demand in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific (excluding China) is 3%. 

The average growth rate is as high as 8-10%, and the average annual growth rate of demand in other regions is 5-6%. 

It is predicted that the plastics additives market will grow at a rate of 3-4% in the future.

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