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Misunderstanding Of Pe Water Supply Pipe Installation

Mar. 07, 2019

Here is Plastic Masterbatch Granule Manufacturer talking about Misunderstanding of PE water supply pipe installation. 

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PE water supply pipe has the advantages of environmental protection, pressure and corrosion resistance, and its application is also very extensive. The installation specification is the condition for ensuring the use value of the pipe itself. What problems should be paid attention to during the installation process of PE water supply pipe?

Common installation misunderstandings of PE water supply pipes

1. A new PE pipe is drained after 3 months of water leakage. After inspection, PE pipe and fittings are not supplied by the same manufacturer. Some batches are not produced by the same manufacturer in the same batch. The chemical properties are inconsistent, and many hot-melt joints are stuck. Not secure.

2. A PE pipe was rebuilt, due to the freezing weather of snow and snow and the impact of the Spring Festival, the PE pipe was delayed. The various PE pipes in stock were urgently called to repair the water, and the joints leaked continuously. The construction unit and the owner, therefore, lost heavily. Afterward, it was found that the leaking water was mixed with PE pipes of different manufacturers.

3. A new PE pipe in the autumn will burst vertically after passing through the water. After an investigation, PE pipes were stored in the open air, and after a summer high-temperature exposure, the deterioration and brittle performance decreased.

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