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Performance Requirements for Pigments for Plastic Bag Masterbatch

Jul. 04, 2019

Pigments used in Plastic Bag Masterbatch are different in terms of their processing technology and the way in which plastic products are used. The performance requirements for pigments are also different. Generally speaking, the following performance requirements are required:

Plastic Bag Masterbatch

Plastic Bag Masterbatch

1.Tinting strength

The tinting strength of a pigment refers to the amount of pigment required for a certain color product, expressed as a percentage of the tinting strength of a standard sample. The tinting strength of the pigment is not only related to its properties, but also related to the degree of pigment dispersion. The degree of dispersion mainly refers to the degree of refinement of the pigment. The greater the degree of dispersion, the stronger the tinting strength, but there is a saturation value.

2. Resistance to migration

The migration resistance of pigments means that the colored plastics may be in contact with other solid, liquid, gas and other state materials for a long period of time or may work physically and chemically with the above substances in a specific environment, which is manifested by the migration of pigments from the interior of the plastic to the products. Free surface or migrate to adjacent plastic or solvent.

3. Mixing

Plastic products often use two or more pigments for color matching, so it is necessary to understand the mixing performance between them, and also need to know whether the color master chemically reacts with additives and additives in plastics.


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