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Why do Plastic Bags Coloring Choose Masterbatch?

Jun. 27, 2019

In fact, the types of plastic colorants are divided into four types according to physical form: toner, masterbatch, color paste, and color oil. In the coloring of plastic products, the application of toner and color masterbatch is relatively wide. As a Plastic Masterbatch Supplier, of course we know about Plastic Bag Masterbatch very much. I like to share with you the reason why plastic bags coloring choose masterbatch.

Plastic Masterbatch Supplier

Masterbatch coloring, using special process and corresponding equipment, under the action of additives, the pigment is mixed into the carrier, through heating, plasticizing, stirring, shearing, and finally the molecules of the pigment powder, which are fully combined with the plastic particle molecules, and then a pellet of a size similar to that of the resin pellet is produced.

The Masterbatch coloring improves the environmental pollution caused by the toner flying, and it is easy to change colors during use, and it is not necessary to perform special cleaning on the extruder hopper. At the same time, it is highly targeted, simple in color matching and easy to quantify. Compatibility is significantly better than toner coloration.

The blown film and spinning products of plastic bags are not practical. Because the plasticizing and mixing time of the extrusion blown film is too short, the molecules of the pigment powder and the pigmented molecules are fully fused, which cannot be completely guaranteed, and often has the phenomenon of “sanding”. If it can be covered in thick-walled products, it is obvious that the plastic bag is blown and spun. Therefore, the coloring method of plastic bags is still dominated by masterbatch.


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