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Is Fluorescent Whitening Agent Harmful To Human Body?

Feb. 18, 2019

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Fluorescent whitening agent, sodium stilbene biphenyl disulfonate. It's a fluorescent dye, or white dye, which is also a intricate organic compound. Its feature is to provoke episode lighting to create fluorescence and make dyed substances. Get the consequence of sparkling such as fluorite, so that the material seen by the naked eye is quite white.

1. No irritation to the skin

After years of human and animal tests, even when skin is directly exposed to the fluorescent whitening agent, then it isn't irritating to the skin and will not cause skin irritation. The whitening agent won't be absorbed by the skin. Even if the fluorescent whitening agent is in use There might be a tiny amount of adhesion to skin, and it won't react with human skin, and it can be totally washed away by daily washing tasks (such as washing hands, bathing, etc.) without percutaneous absorption.

Hence, skin directly connected with all the detergent added to the whitening agent will not cause harm.

2. No adverse effects on wound healing

From the guide, the Toxicological Properties of Fluorescent Brighteners" printed in the 1994 German Dermatology magazine, it's pointed out that if the cloth material comprising the fluorescent whitening agent is directly connected with the wound, then it won't lead to bad wound recovery. Influence, and won't lead to pathological changes to skin.

3. Fluorescent whitening agent CBS is not teratogenic, no carcinogenicity

Through intense toxicity studies on several different creatures and chronic toxicological experiments in mice for a couple of decades, the fluorescent whitening agents are noninvasive, non- teratogenic, non-carcinogenic and mutagenic. No photocarcinogenic responses.

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