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The Principle Of Action Of Antistatic Agents

Jan. 31, 2019

Here is Antistatic Masterbatch Factory talking about Antistatic agent type.

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1. The principle of action of external coating antistatic agent

This kind of antistatic agent is added into the water, along with the hydrophilic group from the antistatic agent molecule is placed into the water, along with the lipophilic team is expanded to the atmosphere. After drying following immersion, on the surface of the plastic substance following the moisture is eliminated, the hydrophilic groups at the antistatic agent atoms are organized toward the atmosphere side, readily absorb the ecological moisture, or mix with the moisture from the atmosphere by hydrogen bonding to form. The single-molecule conductive coating induces the created static charge to flow quickly to attain antistatic purposes.

2. The principle of action of the surfactant-based internal antistatic agent

From the casting process of polymer materials, if it comprises a sufficient concentration of the antistatic agent, once the mix is in a molten condition, the antistatic agent atoms form the eyebrow in the interface between the resin and atmosphere or resin and alloy (mechanical or mould ). Following the resin is treated, the hydrophilic groups on the antistatic agent atoms are aligned toward the atmosphere side to form one molecule conductive coating. In processing and usage, following stretching, massaging and washing, the surface of the antistatic agent molecule on the surface of the substance is deficient, as well as the antistatic property can also be decreased. But unlike the applied antistatic agent, following a time period, the antistatic agent atoms within the substance will migrate into the surface, so the flaw portion can be retrieved, along with the antistatic result is re-displayed. Since the aforementioned two kinds of antistatic agents absorb the ecological moisture and lower the surface resistivity of the substance to attain antistatic functions, the dependence on the ambient humidity is so big. Evidently, the greater the ambient humidity, the more powerful the water absorption of the antistatic agent molecules along with also the more impressive the antistatic properties.

3. The principle of action of polymer permanent antistatic agent

The plastic permanent antistatic agent is a new sort of antistatic agent researched and developed in the last few decades, also is a hydrophilic polymer. Whether it's combined with the polymer matrix, on the 1 hand, because of the powerful molecular string motion capacity, the protons are simple to transfer between molecules, as well as the generated charge is transmitted and also discharged by ion conduction; on the flip side, the antistatic ability is by way of Particular dispersion type is reflected. Various studies have proven that: plastic permanent antistatic agents are primarily dispersed in the layered or outer layer coating on the surface of the item, forming a conductive surface coating, and nearly spherically distributed in the middle area, forming a so-called"core-shell construction", and That is the route leakage inactive charge. Since the plastic long-lasting agent accomplishes antistatic effect by lowering the volume resistivity of the substance, it doesn't completely rely on the surface water absorption, therefore it's less influenced by the humidity of the surroundings.

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