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Methods And Standards For The Detection Of Mobility

Aug. 02, 2018

Mobility refers to the movement of colorants from the interior of plastics to the surface of the product, or move from one plastic interface to another,It has four forms in plastic coloring: migration, precipitation, blooming, and copper light. With the migration of colorants, the application performance of plastic products will be greatly affected, and more seriously, other products will also be contaminated. If the migration is serious, a large number of product recalls will result in very large economic losses.Therefore, both the manufacturer and the user of the plastic masterbatch granule must pay close attention to the mobility index of the colorant in the coloring of the plastic.The test of this method is to accelerate the free precipitation rate of colorant at higher temperature. 

Methods And Standards For The Detection Of Mobility

The colored sample are closely attached to the white sample at this temperature,After a certain period of time, we observed that the white sample was stained with color, and showed the level of migration by the degree of staining. The coloring sample is placed in the middle part between the two white samples to ensure the close snugly between the colored sample and the white sample. Then put the white sample and the colored sample between the two flat glass and add a load of 500g to it, the oven temperature is 80-85 degrees, Put the test sample together with the pressure load into the oven, keep the temperature and pressure for 24 hours, take out the test sample, separate the white sample from the colored sample, cool to room temperature, and wait for judgment.Mobility evaluation: taking the white area (edge part) that the white sample did not attached to the colored sample as the participation standard, compared with the stained part of the white sample for visual measurement, the degree of stained color was compared with the standard stained gray card, and the grade of migration was judged. Grade 5 means no migration, grade 1 is serious migration, and finally a summary of migration is made.

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