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Pp High-efficiency Flame Retardant Masterbatch Is A Kind Of Masterbatch

Apr. 25, 2019

In our life and industry, the presence of masterbatch is indispensable. There are many kinds of masterbatch, all kinds of products, all kinds of styles, all kinds of colors, PP flame retardant fireproof masterbatch is One of them, then PP high-efficiency flame retardant masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch. Let me tell you about it.

The flame retardant effect of the Pp Flame Retardant Masterbatch is good, the amount of addition is small, the whiteness of the masterbatch is high, and the color of the product can be matched with the total color.

The thermal stability of PP flame retardant masterbatch is excellent, the product can be processed repeatedly, and the flame retardant effect, strength and color are not significantly changed.

 Pp Flame Retardant Masterbatch

Pp Flame Retardant Masterbatch is environmentally friendly bromine, non-toxic and low-smoke, thermal cracking or burning does not produce toxic DBDO and DBDF, no impact on the environment.

PP flame retardant masterbatch is cold and weather resistant, has strong UV resistance, is not easy to precipitate, and can improve the forming fluidity of the product.


PP flame retardant masterbatch is generally used in homopoly PP in the range of 4-6%, up to UL94-V2 grade (off-fire off); if used in homopolymerized PP with copolymerized PP or a large amount of toughening agent added, Then you need to add 2-4 more. In the case of a moderate amount of multiple doses, this product can do a strict UL94-V0 effect.

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