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Production Process Of Black Masterbatch

May. 21, 2019

At our company, You always could get your favorite combination set of Garbage Bags Masterbatch.

When producing the same product, the most important thing is the production process. From the production process, we get a lot of information. Its quality and characteristics, if it is a carefully crafted product, it will definitely be excellent. If it is perfunctory, definitely It won't be good anywhere. The high-gloss mirror black mother also has its production process, so its production process is not very good.

Garbage Bags Masterbatch

Ink method: As the name implies, it is a production method using ink paste in the production of masterbatch, that is, a three-roll mill is used to coat a low-molecular protective layer on the surface of the pigment.

Rinsing method: the pigment, water, and dispersing agent are sanded to make the pigment particles smaller than 1 μm, and the pigment is transferred to the oil phase by a phase transfer method, and then dried to obtain a color masterbatch. An organic solvent, as well as a corresponding solvent recovery unit, is required for phase inversion.

Kneading: After blending the pigment and the oily carrier, the pigment is oleophilic, and the pigment is washed from the aqueous phase into the oil phase by kneading. At the same time, the surface of the pigment is coated by an oil carrier to stabilize the dispersion of the pigment and prevent the pigment from agglomerating.

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