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In The Masterbatch: What Is The Difference Between Phosphor And Luminous Powder?

Feb. 21, 2019

Here is Pvc Plastic Masterbatch Manufacturer talking about the difference between phosphor and luminous powder. 

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Now, let's discuss the distinction between the phosphor and luminous powder: lots of friends do not understand what they're searching for if they're interested in materials.

First, the cherry powder can also be referred to as phosphor, luminescent powder, light-storing powder, and mild storage powder. The major characteristic is the fact that it's going to be automatically absorbed whenever there's a light source. When there's absolutely no light source, it is going to emit light. There are a number of sorts of luminescent colors, for example, yellow-green mild and blue-green. 

Secondly, another sort of phosphor is brightly colored, and it's going to be reflective beneath the lighting of the light. The same as the sign on the roadside, then it'll be reflected while the lighting is on. The color is crimson, rose, pink, blue, green. Wait, therefore when your visitors are likely to do this type of merchandise, if you do not state which one you desire, it is possible to ask whether the guest needs the type of phosphor, then it is going to glow through the night, or it's going to be reflective powder, vivid colors. , you can decide which sort of substance the guest wishes to do!

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