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How Long Is The Shelf Life Of The Masterbatch?

May. 31, 2019

Here is Extrusing Masterbatch Manufacturer talking about How long is the shelf life of the masterbatch.

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Extrusing Masterbatch Manufacturer

The masterbatch we often say is actually a masterbatch, also known as a color seed. It is a new coloring agent for polymer materials, mainly used in plastics. As we have seen before, the masterbatch is mainly composed of three basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier, and additive. The masterbatch is an aggregate obtained by uniformly loading a super-constant pigment into the resin. The coloring ability is higher than the pigment itself. There are many types of masterbatch, and blown film blowing is one of them. Although there are many types of masterbatch, most types of masterbatches have the same shelf life.

Since the pigment of the masterbatch is dispersed and fixed in the carrier resin and is in a closed state, quality change does not occur even after long-term storage, but it is necessary to pay attention to storage in a dry and cool environment.


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