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The application of artificial grass yarn masterbatch

Aug. 10, 2018

With the rapid development of the sports industry and the improvement of people's health awareness, artificial turf is increasingly being used. The artificial grass yarn is the key material of artificial turf. The fiber material of artificial grass yarn is not only needed to carry high-strength motion wear but also faces severe climate change, so artificial grass yarn fiber material not only has good durability and weather fastness; It is also necessary to have a suitable modulus, a smooth feel, excellent elastic resilience, good abrasive resistance, and safety while touching the human body. 

The application of artificial grass yarn masterbatch

Grass yarn with soft, smooth feel and good abrasive resistance is especially suitable for high-frequency applications. The practice has proved that the main factors are material quality, thickness, grass yarn structure etc., which affect the smoothness, abrasive resistance and weather fastness of grass yarn, and material quality is the most important factor. At present, the grass yarn is mainly made of polyethylene (PE) at home and abroad. After the PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch and the anti-aging masterbatch being added into the PE resin, extrusion the monofilament by the screw, or extrusion into a film, then cut into the monofilament. The masterbatch only has a single function, Lack of multifunction, like a higher level of soft, smooth feel, and anti-aging, abrasive resistance etc.. In order to solve these problems, we provide color masterbatch for artificial grass yarn with a smooth feel, abrasive resistance and weather fastness, which is low in cost and easy to use.

The application of artificial grass yarn masterbatch


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