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The Origin of the Pumpkin Light

Oct. 31, 2018

The pumpkin light originated in ancient Ireland. Legend has it that a man named Jack is a drunkard and loves pranks. On Halloween, he trapped the devil on a tree, and he refused to let the devil down until the demon promised that he would never let him live in hell. After Jack died, because he didn't believe in God, he couldn't go to heaven, and the devil didn't let him go to hell. To help Jack find the path back to the world, the devil gave him a burning charcoal, and Jack put the burning charcoal in. In a lantern carved out of big carrots, this first "Jack's Lantern" helped Ji find his path back to Ireland, but he never found it, so he always wandered with lanterns.

In ancient Irish legends, this small candle was placed in a hollowed radish called "Jack Lanterns", and the ancient radish lamp evolved to this day, it was Jack-O-Lantern made of pumpkin. . It is said that the Irish arrived in the United States soon, that is, pumpkins are superior to radishes in terms of source and carving, so pumpkins become the darling of Halloween.

The Origin of the Pumpkin Light

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