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Some Physical Indicators Of Thermoplastic Filled Masterbatch

Apr. 19, 2019

Here is Extrusion Masterbatch Manufacturer talking about Some physical indicators of thermoplastic filled masterbatch.

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Extrusion Masterbatch Manufacturer

With the advancement of science, our products have become more and more advanced, from an obscure product to a household name, this is its charm, otherwise it will not be known, PP transparent masterbatch It is one of them, what are some physical indicators of thermoplastic filler masterbatch, let me tell you below.

Appearance Approximate new plastic pellets of round pellets, the size can be determined according to user requirements.

Density: 1.8--2.2

Organic content: 15-25%

Filler specific surface area: 0.5-3 m2 / g

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