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The Amount And Use Of Antistatic Masterbatch

Jun. 04, 2019

Today we Antistatic Masterbatch Factory come to summarize The Amount And Use Of Antistatic Masterbatch.

Antistatic Masterbatch, also known as antistatic masterbatch, has an excellent antistatic function. It is prepared by high-speed mixing, extrusion molding and then cutting of carrier and antistatic system, mainly used to reduce the surface resistance of materials. For anti-static use. There are many types of masterbatch, but not every masterbatch has an antistatic function. Perhaps it is because this masterbatch has the function of antistatic, so the application field is wider than ordinary masterbatch. 

Antistatic Masterbatch Factory

The antistatic masterbatch is usually prepared by adding the masterbatch to the polypropylene resin during the molding process of the product, and mixing is formed according to a normal production process. As for the amount of antistatic masterbatch, it is recommended to use 3 to 4 parts, of course, mainly based on actual needs.


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