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What Should Be Done With White Masterbatch To Ensure Product Quality?

May. 24, 2019

As an Extruding Masterbatch Manufacturer, we will discuss What should be done with white masterbatch to ensure product quality.

Perhaps for those of us who are not in this industry, we don't know much about what is a white color masterbatch, and we have less contact with it for such products. The masterbatch technique generally employed for white masterbatches is a wet process.

Extruding Masterbatch

The Color Master Batch is ground, phase-inverted, washed, dried, and granulated by water, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed. In addition, the pigment should be subjected to a series of masterbatch technology tests, such as determining the fineness of the sanding slurry, measuring the diffusion properties of the sanding slurry, determining the solid content of the sanding slurry, and measuring the fineness of the colorant. The project can better determine its quality.

The masterbatch is generally composed of three parts. The colorant carrier dispersant is mixed and crushed by a high-speed mixer, and is extruded and granulated. The masterbatch has a high concentration, good dispersibility, and cleanness during plastic processing. And so on.

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