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White Masterbatch Technical Indicators

Apr. 11, 2019

The white masterbatch developed by our Pp Antistatic Masterbatch company is made of white masterbatch special resin, high-quality titanium dioxide (anatase, rutile), dispersant, lubricant, and other advanced processing. The product has a high content of titanium dioxide, good whiteness, not easy to yellow, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent dispersibility, small addition ratio, and convenient use. It has been widely used in milk film, cast film, straw, injection molded parts, pipe, and other plastic products based on PE PP EVA PS ABS. This product has passed the SGS test and complies with EU standards.

White Masterbatch

Technical indicators:

1. Appearance: 3*3mm cylindrical or spherical, smooth surface.

2.Titanium dioxide content: 30% - 70%

3. Melt index MI (g/10min) >=2-30

4. water content (volatility)% <0.15

5. Heat resistance: ≥ 4

6. Migration resistance: ≥ 4

7. Coloring strength: 100-105% III. Usage: Stir well according to a certain ratio. Fourth, add the proportion reference value: 1-4%, the user can adjust the proportion according to the requirements of the product color.

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