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Rui Cai White Masterbatch

Nov. 09, 2018

Rui Cai White Masterbatch is made of highly dispersible anatase and rutile titanium dioxide and high-quality additives, dispersants, lubricants, and other carriers. For the different polymer materials, there is special carrier white masterbatch to choose from, which can meet the special requirements of customers for color hue, weather resistance, light resistance, and food grade.

Applications: Injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, blown film, foaming, sheet, pipe, pelletizing, hollow, EVA, blowing, sheet, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, wires and Cable, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure products, packaging bags, packaging bottles and other plastic products industry. Applicable to plastic raw materials such as PE, PO, PP, ABS, PVC, etc.

The white masterbatch has the characteristics of bright color, bright color, high color strength, good dispersibility, high concentration, good whiteness, strong hiding power, reasonable price of the white masterbatch, and good migration resistance and heat resistance. Guarantee product quality and yield, reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency. It is a new generation of the economical white mother. Stable quality, complete specifications, competitive price, and timely delivery. Special color matching can be provided according to the customer's needs, and a sample is provided.

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